Kratom Kaps

Month: July 2019

Kratom Kaps & Indonesian Kratom

Kratom Kaps & Indonesian Kratom In the kratom community, Indo Kratom is one of the most recognized strains and is extremely popular due to its “energetic” alkaloid profile. Some people even consider it the gold standard of kratom. This strain is so popular that many brands call strains “Indo,” even when they’re not to capitalize on its popularity. Kratom Kaps has chosen to carry this strain among its line of products due to how many …

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Kratom Kaps & Maeng DA

Kratom Kaps & Maeng DA Maeng DA is one of the most versatile and purest strains of Kratom that grows throughout the Southeast Asian region with possible origins in Thailand. It can grow in basically any region. Many people think that Maeng Da is the original mother strain of all Mitragyna speciosa varieties due to its inherent accelerated growth rates. The mythos behind Maeng DA Kratom is that it was spread throughout Southeast Asia via …

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