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American Kratom Association's Never-Ending Fight for Kratom

July 16, 2020

If you’re a true lover and believer of kratom, then you’ve probably heard of the American Kratom Association (AKA). This is the group that fights to promote truthful information about the plant and to advocate for its safe, legal use. The dedicated members also fight to dispute myths about kratom by checking for inaccurate news reports and putting out the correct information. The group aims to empower consumers to get more educated about this Southeast Asian plant. As the number of kratom users increases, it’s now even more important for the AKA to do its work.

Real-Life Testimony

One of the best tools that the AKA uses is the word of actual kratom users. The group uses their real experiences to give the greater population a closer look at the plant and how it can be used responsibly. Since the government has continuously tried to ban the plant, the AKA is instrumental in giving the other side to ensure consumers have a clearer picture.


Do you know what else the AKA does? It advocates for the responsible and sustainable harvesting of kratom to ensure that there’s plenty of kratom left for many years to come. The natural resource is one that’s well worth protecting.

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