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Getting Your Kratom Fix in the Midst of COVID-19

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July 30, 2020

COVID-19 has dominated the headlines for months, and it’s not surprising given its serious nature. A large swath of the population has seen their everyday lives turned upside down with no end in sight. For kratom users, this can be especially impactful since many local shops have shuttered their doors to limit the spread of this contagious, deadly virus. For those folks, they have to adjust the way they get their kratom fix. Here are some key things to keep in mind.

From Offline to Online

Many of your favorite kratom shops are currently closed, and there’s no definitive timetable on when they’ll reopen (if at all). That’s why it might be best to purchase your kratom online. While some online vendors have remained open and continue to take orders, it’s still a good idea to contact them before ordering.

Hygiene Is Everything

How many times have you heard to wash your hands lately? Well, you should always wash your hands regularly, but now it’s even more critical with a new virus circulating. When handling your kratom – that’s right, you’ve got it – wash your hands before and after. The last thing you want is for your kratom to make you sick because you’ve touched potentially contaminated surfaces then used those dirty hands to touch your kratom.

Stock Up

Toilet tissue isn’t the only thing you should be stocking up on now. Since kratom supply chains can be affected by this global pandemic, you should consider stocking up on your favorite strain to ensure you don’t run out. Since everything is up in the air, there’s no telling how long before things get back to normal. If you do decide to stock up, be sure to store your kratom in secure, airtight containers to protect your product.

If you need a reputable vendor for quality kratom, head over to the contact form page to have a Kratom Kaps representative point you in the right direction!