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How can I purchase Kratom Kaps?

Kratom Kaps offers our products in stores and via authorized distributors. Simply send us an email, and we will send you a list of authorized vendors in your area. 

What sizes are available?

Our strains come in capsule packages of 20, 40, 100 ct, and 300 ct bags and 45, 75, 100, and 300ct bottles. These strains are also available in 35g, 100g, and 300g powder bottles.

Is Kratom legal?

As of 2018, there are no national regulations regarding Kratom. However, certain areas in the United States have banned the substance, including Washington, D.C, Indiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Wisconsin, and Vermont.

Is your Kratom sustainably sourced?

Yes! We only work with farmers who meet our strict, sustainable non-GMO standards.

What is Kratom Kaps made from?

Kratom Kaps sources only the best kratom available by cultivating relationships with our growers to ensure each batch meets our high standards.

Where can I find Kratom Kaps?

Kratom Kaps can be found in stores all over! Fill out our contact form to find one near you. 

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